Deluxe Box

Introducing our new Deluxe Boxes

Smooth and tactile, our new Deluxe Boxes are the perfect way to present your book in style. Offering a lifetime of protection, these boxes are created in a muted grey colour and have the option to add a hidden crystal USB in the base.

Refresh your studio with new samples and simply select a deluxe box from the drop down menu at the checkout when ordering your digital album , fine art book or coffee table book. Choose between a gold, chrome or rose gold crystal USB to be concealed below the album, cushioned in light grey foam and finished with a matching soft ribbon to remove the album with ease.

Deluxe Box

Use these wonderful deluxe boxes to create an exclusive package with a premium feel, perfect for up selling to clients in the studio with 40% off any of your sample orders. Begin designing your matted, classic, or digital album now and add your new deluxe box at the checkout.”